Special prices for hair extensions
Sophia Hair Locks
Special Price $300 in up
(no hair included)

Price includes: Installation, Blending Haircut / Style, 100% Human Hair that lasts 6-12  or more weeks with
Maintenance price is discussed during your free consultation.
• • 14”-24” Reusable Strands
• • Safe, No glue application, No Damage
• • Lay flat to head, easy to style, maintenance every 8-10 weeks

Sophia Hair Fusion
Special Price $250 in up
(no hair included)

Price includes: Installation, Blending Haircut/Style, 100% Human Hair, and Free consultation.
10”-22” 100% Basic and European Human Hair Lasts from 4-6 weeks with proper care
• • No shedding, undetectable
• • Can be used for fullness or fine and thin hair
• • Can be combined with other methods or work alone

Malaysian Pole Weaving
Special Price $50 per individual track
(no hair included)

Price includes: Lay flat to head (Individual Tracks), easy to style, can be worn in a ponytail.
Method can be done on any hair type.
• • Extension hair and style is an additional cost
• • Most affordable semi-permanent method
• • Lasts from 8-10 weeks

Full Sew in Weave
Special Price $200 in up (no hair included)

Price includes: braiding the entire head into a specific pattern, attaching 100% human hair that can be reused several times with proper care, blending cut and style.
• Take down $25.00
• Unbraiding, shampoo, deep conditioning, and blow dry
• Lasts 8-10 weeks.
• Micro Rings, Micro Links, Tape,Brazilian Knots hair,Flat fusion hair, Micro link Sewin – in /Flat line Sewin-in,Brazilian Knots hair Sewin-in /flat line sewin-in,Brazilan Knots hair/set in flat Sophia technique ( Price upon Consultation.


HairCheck Will Forever Change The Way You Think And Talk About Hair
10 reasons to use HairCheck:

1. HAIR LOSS: Hair loss affects an estimated 75% of men. Two-thirds of women will have some form of hair loss in their lifetime. The chances of having hair loss are very high!
2. SAVINGS: How much are you spending each month on hair growth products? 180 billion is spent worldwide… each year. A simple HairCheck measurement will save you valuable time and money.
3. PRECISION: HairCheck is a patented device that generates a precise, scientific measurement of hair loss, hair growth and “how much hair” is present in an area of scalp.
4. KNOWLEDGE: Using a hair growth product without measuring its effectiveness is the same as going on a weight loss program without using a scale!
5. HEAD START: Haircheck can detect thinning, 10 to 15 years before it’s visible to the naked eye. By starting treatment early, the visible effects of balding can be delayed or prevented.
6. IMMEDIATE: On your first visit, you can find out how much hair you have and how much hair you’ve lost.
7. RESULTS: Because Haircheck provides quantitative evidence on whether or not your treatment is working, you can switch from one product to another until you find the one that’s right for you.
8. WOMEN: Haircheck can actually detect and measures hair breakage…an under-appreciated cause of hair loss in women.
9. PEACE OF MIND: Haircheck can answer almost every question you might have regarding hair loss and hair growth.
10. EXCLUSIVE: Haircheck is the one and only scientific method capable of measuring hair loss and growth – outside of a research laboratory. A Haircheck can be performed in 5 minutes and not a single hair is cut.


If You Cannot Measure It ~ You Cannot Manage It


Hair Loss Is Difficult To Manage, Mainly Because Doctors Have No Device That Can Measure Hair ... Until NOW!!!


With Haircheck You’ll Be Able To:
• Measure your hair loss patient’s response to hair “growth” products. • Measure hair loss and its progression with scientific accuracy and confidence. • Detect very early balding in young men who appear to have no loss. • Detect and quantify hair breakage – an under appreciated cause of hair loss in women.

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Weekly Specials

Tuesday, Thursday;

Wash in deep Cond in set for $ 25

Relaxer for $ 45 in up

Sewing $ 100 in up




Scalp Treatment for $ 55

Detox shampoo, Exfoliating cream, special shampoo, deep cond.

Hair loos treatments   for $ 75

Scalp prep, Exfoliating cream, Detox shampoo, Bio- cure shampoo, nourish + conditioner.

Hair Regrowth treatments for $ 75

Scalp prep, Detox shampoo, pure- shampoo, nourish + protein +conditioner.

 Treatments for hair damage, from chemical, color,

chlorine, heat, for $ 45

Detox shampoo, special shampoo for hair damaged, deep conditioner for weak, fragile hair.

hair reconstruction vs protein $ 50

Exfoliating cream, special shampoo for Over processed hair, full density thickening hair system Biotin+ ZIN PCA+ glucoside -omega.

DETOX SHAMPOO: removes unwanted product and mineral buildup such as chlorine. Approx. 15 min.

EXFOLIATING CREAM: it is a high- tech formula, making the scalp and remove the cuticles & sedimentary residues after scalp metabolism, also nourish scalp to make it even more softer, glossy and cleanness. Approx. 15 min.

SCALP PREP: Dissolves sebum and flakes (dandruff). Sebum can block the penetration the product in the scalp also the scalp prep with this rejuvenating treatment that removes buildup, improves hair growth, reduces hair loss & prevents breakage. Approx. 15 min.

BIO-SHAMPOO: unique blend of SLS – free shampoo,11 DHT BLOCKERS, promotes healthy follicle stimulation, helps look stronger and thicker.

BIO -CURE SHAMPOO: free of SLS & DEA designed to gently cleanse the scalp, maintains best possible “site “conditions for new hair growth helps hair look stronger, thicker.

NOURISH CONDITIONER: Restores moisture to hair and scalp, provides essential vitamins and minerals to hair shaft, adds fullness and shine, 25 vitamins, minerals & amino acids. Approx. 30 min.  




An all – over or retouch application of relaxer to permanently straighten the hair Approx. 3 hrs.$ 80 in up.


Reduce curl and frizz with a smoothing to provide temporary curl and frizz reduction for up to 12 weeks. Approx. 3hrs.


Let our experts help you determine the best extensions for your hair. whether you are looking to add volume, length or hair color, the possibilities are endless.



*Wash in set simple for $ 30 in up

Included, shampoo, Cond, blow dry.

*Wash complete for $ 45

Included, shampoo, Cond, blow dry, flat-iron

*Wash in blow dry in styling for $ 45 in up

Included, shampoo, Cond, blow dry.

*Wash in set hair extensions for $ 55 in up

Included, shampoo, Cond, blow dry, flat-iron.

*Hair extensions flat- iron for $ 55

Included, blow dry, in flat –iron

*Women ‘s hair cut for $ 35

Included, wash, cut

*Up do for $ 75

Included, wash, blow dry, styling.


*Rinse color for $ 50 in up

Included, wash, color, in styling.

*Color permanent for $ 75 in up

Included, color, wash, blow dry in styling.

*Color semi-permanent $ 75 in up

Included, color, wash, blow dry, in styling.

*Balayage for in $ 190 depend

Included two colors, wash in deep Cond, blow dry in styling.

*Partial foil Highlight’s For $ 120 in up

Included, colors, wash in deep Cond, blow dry, in styling

*Hall head Highlights for $ 135 in up

Included, color, wash in deep Cond blowout, in styling

*Full head highlights for $ 150 in up

Included, color wash in deep Cond, blow dry, in styling

*Ombre hair color $190 in up

Included, color, wash in deep Cond, blow dry, in styling

*Men’s single process for $ 40 up

*Men ‘s highlights for $ 100 up

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