XGT™ is an advanced herbal formula designed with11 DHT combating ingredients.

XGT™ is rich in high performance nutrients to help revive thin, damaged and aging hair.
XGT™ ‘s superior formula helps stimulate your hair and scalp with its high percentage of Panthenol and cysteine; a keratin protein, which is an essential component of hair. Revitalizes and conditions the hair and scalp encouraging the appearance of healthier, fuller and thicker looking hair.

Xtreme Hair Boost

It is a high performance topical stimulator that combines Saw Palmetto Extract, a DHT fighting ingredient, which enhances the performance of the hair cycle. It also contains Aloe, a known an-inflammatory agent.
This product combats all hair concerns and is recommended for men and women with aggressive hair care concerns.
For best results, use with XTC™ Scalp Prep

Xtreme DHT Complex+™ contains 11 DHT opposing ingredients.

This patented hair nutritional is an advanced herbal alternative that helps your hair from the inside with vitamins and a proven marine concentrate, (MGC). It has long been an insider secret, recommended and endorsed by leading doctors and stylists. Xtreme DHT Complex+™ is safe for both men and women of all ethnicities.
What makes it unique:
3 in 1 Herbal Nutritional
11 DHT opposing ingredients
Complete Hair Nutritional
MGC™ (Marine Complex)
*Those with a shellfish allergy should not take this product.

XTC™ Pure Shampoo™

It is a gentle yet thoroughly cleansing shampoo, free of sodium laurel sulfates (SLS) and DEA, two harsh ingredients that are clinically proven to irritate your hair follicles. Pure Shampoo™ easily lathers and rids sebum and scalp debris, creating a healthy scalp environment ideal for new hair growth.


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NO.36 OS Essence Lotion
SU144 | 150ml
Suitable for:
Oily scalp.
Allergic scalp, follicle inflammation.
Enhance hair growth.
Pharmacist advice:
1. Restrain sebum secretion, reduce 43% dandruff growth, 30% sebum secretion.
2. 100% botanical formula for daily use.
1. Offers a new lotion in the cosmetic treatment of dandruff and oily hair and thus improves the condition of the scalp and of the hair.
2. The anti-microbial effect is particularly strong against Pityrosporum ovale.
3. Combined with mint to sufficiently smooth the sting & itchy feel of scalp, and a little sulfur in glycolic solution can anti-seborrhea.


NO.25 Superb Hair Purifier
SU095 | 170ml
Suitable for:
Dry dandruff, itchy scalp, scalp allergy.
Flaky dandruff from season change.
Regular scalp treatment.
Pharmacist advice:
1. Natural botanical formula good for allergy / itchy scalp.
2. Improve scalp blood circulation.
3. Double effect with No.6 Anti-Dandruff Shampoo.
1. With the natural plant extracts of Common Nettle, Burdock ,Ivy etc., to controll the dandruff problem, bacterial production and to clean the hair follicle and sebum residue, Arnica can stimulate the cell regrowth and accelerate the revitalizing cells.
2. The complex botanical formula is able to remove the dirt, dandruff, bacteriostatic.


Nature Essential Hair Purifier
SU159 | 250ml
Suitable for:
Natural anti-dandruff formula for daily use.
Oily scalp & dandruff.
1. Greasy hair & scalp problems result from an imbalance of scalp’s oil secretions which can be due to bad nutrition, stress or environmental condition. Melaleucol as the heart of tea tree oil has many benefits for the haircare.
2. Naturally controls the nuisance bacteria associated with dandruff. Reduce scalp inflammation related to dandruff and other scalp irritations. Keep the refreshment of hair.
3. This natural essential Hair Purifier could definitely baby your hair and scalp, together with cleaning, nourishing effects and remain your healthy scalp.

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